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Being a safe and proficient pilot isn’t just about flying with an instructor every year, or simply practicing instrument approaches to stay IFR current. The better approach to remain a competent pilot is to spend both ground and flight hours periodically reviewing procedures and maneuvers to prevent your skills from getting rusty.

Whether you are looking to stay proficient with ground knowledge, normal/emergency proccedures, and/or IFR proficient, or perhaps you are looking to add-on an extra rating, we can help.

Our instructors have experience in different aircraft, from gliders, Learjets, to Turboprops, with years of experience in general aviation.

There are many situations in which a safety pilot makes a crucial difference through a difficult IMC flight, or to offer a skilled hand with the workload of a long trip. Or perhaps you need a qualified contract First-Officer for a Part 91 flight.

Buying or Selling:

We have had much success with owners learning to fly their own aircraft, which not only reduces training costs, but builds confidence before and after earning your certificates. However, buying an aircraft can be overwhelming. Our extensive knowledge of the industry can help you avoid financial and safety risks. We can assist with the purchase of your aircraft, and also manage, operate and service your asset

When I greet the passengers who board the flights I’m working or flying as a passenger. I get to have small conversations with many passengers who are concerned about flying. Some of the most common concerns I get is if flying in turboprop airplanes are safe? If the weather condition along the flight will cause turbulence?

Explore aviation in a different way.
Working along a licensed therapist, I hope to share with you our love of aviation and how flying works, straight from an airline pilot, who enjoys exploring the world. Airliners or General Aviation airplanes, we want you to enjoy the flight.

Periodically, we host seminars at local airports where you get to interact with airplanes, meet aviation professionals, and talk about aviation subjects like: How does flight and ground crews ensure the airplane is safe for flight? What causes the turbulence? How is an airplane tested to be safe for flight? And much more.