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Currency and IPC Guidelines

Instrument Currency Using Aviation Training Device

Remember that Currency ≠ Proficiency!!!

If you are Instrument Rated Pilot who is current or within the 6-month period after currency, you could use BATD to stay current. (if you are outside and need to do an IPC this does not apply)

As per CFR 61.57(c)(3):

  1. Three hours of instrument experience in a ATD, during which time you will perform
  2. Holding procedures and tasks.
  3. Six instrument approaches.
  4. Two unusual attitude recoveries while in a descending, Vne airspeed condition and two unusual attitude recoveries while in an ascending, stall speed condition.
  5. Interception and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems.

Using an ATD you can stay Instrument current through the end of 2nd calendar months following the month in which there session is completed.

IPC Guidelines

Instrument Proficiency Checks, or IPCs, are a great way to get your instrument currency up to date. Whether you have been flying regularly or been out of the clouds for a while, we can help you regain proficiency in your aircraft.

When do you need an IPC? Find out if you’re instrument Current (BoldMethod Article)

The requirements for an instrument proficiency check can be found in the Instrument Airmen Certification Standards (ACS). Although the ACS establishes the minimum standards for training, the FAA also issued Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) Guidance; recommending about 90 minutes of ground and about two hours of flight time for an IPC.

Depending on your training needs, we will tailor a training plan to better assist you.

Our Instrument Proficiency Checks

IPC is more than just accomplishing the required items on  the ACS.  Is a great opportunity to challenge and improve your flying skills and decision making.

If it has been a while since you have flown in the IFR environment, we can schedule a few sessions to help you brush up on your IFR skills in your airplane or using an ATD.

With each training event you increase your confidence, refine your skills, and improve your understanding of IFR flying.

Contact Us to find out more about how we can help you to stay Instrument Proficient.