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Julian Alarcon
Julian AlarconOwner and Pilot

Who Am I?

My flying career began with a few lessons during high school. After less than a year in the Navy, serving as ground crew for the H-60 Seahawk, I realized flying was my true passion. During my active duty service, I completed my flight training throughout different flight schools, where I benefited from various methods of teaching. This, in turn, helped me to become a successful instructor. While I was in active duty, I completed all my instructor ratings, and less than two years later, I added the Gold Seal endorsement to my instructor certificate. I graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Master of Science in Project Management.

My flying experience ranges from gliders to Gates Learjet 35/55 as an on-demand charter pilot, and currently flying as a Captain for CommutAir (United Express) flying a DHC-8-200/300 based in Newark, NJ. I is an FAA Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor, ATP and is type-rated in LR-JET and DHC-8 and with over a thousand hours of instruction in general aviation flying.

Total: 4,262                Pilot-in-Command: 2,634    Turboprop PIC: 1,038            Second-in-Command: 1,566
Turboprop: 2,530      Multi -Engine: 2,871             Instructor: 1,231

  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
  • Type Ratings: LR-JET and DHC-8
  • Flight Instructor Airplane, Single and Multi Engine.
  • Ground Instructor: Advanced and Instrument