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Practice in our simulator for your next lesson.

Here is where we come in


Fly in your airplane or at the flight school of your choice.


Achieve your aviation goals.

Flight Training In Manhattan

Basic Aviation Training Device

Advanced Aviation Training Device

Instrument Pilots

Working on Your Instrument Rating?

You may credit 20 hours towards Aeronautical Experience

Instrument Currency

Stay instrument Current using an ATD.

Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

If you are an aircraft owner, we can use an AATD, and finish in your airplane.

Private Pilots

Between Lessons?

Use an ATD to prepare for your next flight lesson. Allowing you to get the most out of every precious, flight hour.

Scenario Based Training

Learn normal scenarios, and emergency scenarios that cannot be practiced in the airplane.

Technically Advanced Aircraft

Let us help you master the Advanced Avionics of your aircraft using our simulator

Simulator Location

* Only Staffed with Appointment

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